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Veterinary Testimonials: Dog on Leash

Interested in learning more about how we treat our clients and their pets? Read on to see testimonials from our clients to get a feel for our unique take on veterinary care. We love our clients and we pride ourselves on always being there when you need us. Learn more about our commitment to quality care from our veterinary testimonials.

After the worst experience with another vet doing surgery on our cat, your vet practice is awesome! Dr. Wood is a perfect match for taking care of our cat. Everyone on your staff is kind and compassionate. So thankful we found you!

Mary Sue R.

Meg is officially a Registered Therapy Dog with Pet Partners 🙂 We passed our dog handler evaluation! We are forever grateful to Dr. T for saving her and giving her a chance to have this opportunity and to be where she is today. My goal is for Meg to get endless attention and love from others while inspiring, motivating, and bringing comfort and joy. I plan for her to work with me as an occupational therapist with special needs children. We hope to volunteer and even be on a list to comfort individuals undergoing amputations.

We are grateful to all of you at Roswell Vet Associates! Thank you for supporting Meg and I! What an honor to have you share Meggie and honor her on National Therapy Animal Day on April 30th!

Amy M.

My husband and I are thrilled that Dr. Wood has joined Roswell Veterinary Associates!  She provided outstanding care to our grand-dogs, Abby and Jack, as well as our personal dog, Lucy.  All three dogs had better quality of lives with the thoughtful healthcare she gave with each of their unique needs  in mind.  When it came time for our precious Lucy to go to doggie heaven, there was no vet we trusted more to go through this difficult time than Dr. Wood.

For the first time in all of our dog loving years, we now have a vet with TWO first-rate vets, Dr. Wood and Dr. Trujillo, and a terrific staff all in a beautiful, convenient location.

Sally R.

Dr. Trujillo has been our vet for years. We are so excited that she has opened her own practice. She is very thorough and spends time making sure all of our questions are answered. I love the focus on reducing stress for the pets in this office!

K. Markham

Prior to entering the rescue program, Meg was the victim of horrific conditions resulting in the need for lots of treatment including: a leg amputation, heartworm treatment, spay, and the surgical removal of places on her skin.  During Meg’s treatment, I was blessed to meet Dr. Trujillo. Dr. Trujillo carefully put together a treatment plan for Meg to ensure each phase of treatment was safe and successful. Dr. Trujillo’s bedside manner could not have been any better. She was gentle, kind, and caring to Meg and did a fantastic job consulting with me, explaining the treatments to me, and educating me during each and every step. To say Dr. Trujillo is an amazing vet is an understatement. Not only is Dr. Trujillo an excellent skilled veterinarian, she truly goes above and beyond. Because my experience was so wonderful with Dr. Trujillo while Meg was in the rescue program, I now have selected her as my vet of choice for all my pets. I know she is honest and genuinely cares about their well being which I highly respect. We are truly blessed to have our pets cared for by Dr. Trujillo.

Amy M.

Dr. Trujillo is THE best with French Bulldogs! Not a lot of vets in the area have the experience with Frenchies; Dr. T not only has the experience, but is always up to date on the latest information and treatments. She goes above and beyond in treating the dogs and providing a great experience for their owners.

Cheryl P.

Dr T is by far the most trustful veterinarian that I’ve met!!  Both my dogs- a Golden Doodle and Chihuahua- love her and her team!!  I highly recommend this office and especially Dr T!!  

Stacey W.

Dr. JenTrujillo has been the vet for my dogs for several years. She has cleaned their teeth and done several surgeries on them. I am very pleased with the care that she has provided to my pets. Dr. Trujillo is professional, caring and gives me clear explanations of my pets' conditions and options for treatment. I always feel that she is truly concerned about the welfare of my pets. Her staff members are friendly and helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a first class vet.

K. Buzby

After getting a great dane, I was searching for a vet with giant breed knowledge and found Dr. Trujillo. She's seen my dog for nearly 4 years now and it's obvious how much she cares for the animals she sees and how knowledgable she is. She's also very patient with owners, taking the time to really listen and answer questions.

A. Hauser

We were thrilled to hear and find out we were the first customer at Roswell Veterinary Associates! The care of our 4 legged children is extremely important to us and when we were able to find out Dr. Trujillo was opening her own practice, we knew where we were going. We are a show home (horses and dogs) and have 2 retired show English Labradors, a mini sheltie, and a 3 month old Golden Retriever that we cannot wait to start showing off once he turns 6 months. 


Dr. Trujillo and her staff are exceptional and do everything they can to ensure your experience at RVA is top notch! During the exams, she listened to my concerns, my wants and needs, and of course the things I did not want. I really couldn't ask for a more understanding veterinarian that is truly looking out for the best interest of my animals. 


The clinic is beautiful, has updated modern decor and is very inviting. We were able to get a lot done on their opening day and we are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with this clinic.

J. Luckhurst

Dr. Bailey Wood is the absolute best vet in the Metro Atlanta area.  I am not lying when I say that I would be lost without her.  One of my Great Danes has some extreme phobias when going to the vet, but Dr. Wood knows exactly what Dahlia needs to feel safe.  I have followed her wherever she goes and I’m ecstatic that she is now practicing at Roswell Veterinary Associates!  So much closer and bring my two favorites under one roof.  If you are looking for the best experience and top doc for your pets... please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment!  Dr. Bailey Wood hands down for that personal experience and top-notch knowledge!

Thea, Kenda, Dahlia and, our human, Stephanie