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Community Matters: Helping People and Pets

Community Involvement in Roswell: Dog in Cape

At Roswell Veterinary Associates, we believe helping the whole community is what helps pets best of all. The families of our community give homeless pets wonderful homes to be a part of. That’s why we focus our community involvement efforts on not only pets but the people that make a difference in pets’ lives. To directly show our support, we give our staff the opportunity once per quarter to volunteer their time to their organization of choice, with full pay. Even if they are missing a day working at our clinic, they are still working for a great cause, so we support them regardless!

Our Contributions to the Community

The Drake House

One of the area’s most important social service centers is The Drake House which offers housing and education programs for homeless single mothers in North Fulton and greater north Atlanta area. Their mission is to not only give mothers and their children a safe place to live, but to empower them with the skills and tools to get back on their feet. While they focus primarily on women and children, their unique program is determined to keep families together rather than splitting them up, so older boys are kept with their mothers and siblings, too. RVA frequently donates to this inspiring organization, and we’re always happy to meet any families with new furry additions any day! Visit their website here.

Local Rescues & Shelters

Happy families need happy pets to adopt, so we partner with local shelters to provide basic medical care to their rescued animals. We donate our time and efforts to ensure homeless pets in the community find a forever home. The healthier these animals are, the more likely they are to be adopted and live long, fulfilling lives with their new families. One such rescue we are dedicated to is the Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue. Learn more about their unique mission and how you can help on their site.  

Charity Event Sponsoring

Local charity events in the area always in need of sponsorship and volunteers for their events. We give what we can to make sure these events have the funding they need to be a success so that the local community can thrive.

Supporting the local community is a primary focus for us and we encourage everyone to get involved, too. If you’re interested in learning more about the local organizations and rescues we support, please ask and we’d be happy to tell you more!

Community Involvement in Roswell: Kittens Eating Outside